Self Defence Classes in Dartford

Martial arts are primary associated with self defence. Not everyone wants the traditional trappings associated with this, but everyone wants or in fact NEEDS to know how to protect themselves and their loved ones. Dartford Martial Arts runs courses designed with the average person in mind, you don’t have to be super fit as our courses have been tailored for you. Dartford Martial Arts offers both personal and corporate courses, and private tuition in Self defence.

Our courses are specifically designed to account for `non-martial artists`, people that either haven`t the time or inclination to visit and train at a standard martial arts school.

The courses are organised with both lecture-based and practical components designed to cover both the theory and practical applications behind self protection. This reduces the probability that you will become a victim of a violent crime and gives useful training on a practical level for dealing with such issues.

Course participants should be of good health; with those with any medical concerns consulting a doctor before hand. The courses are designed not to be physically intensive-but should you find it hard just take a break!

Who Can Benefit From A Self defence course?

From bus drivers to CEO’s, secretaries to single parents. All will benefit from learning self defence. Private courses can also be tailored specifically for the target audience. For example, women only or those in vulnerable professions like nurses, doctors etc. (please enquire for more details).

What Do The Courses Cover?

•Target Hardening & Risk Assesment

•The Effects Of Adrenaline & Counter Acting Fear

•Maintaining Personal Space, Enviromental Awareness & Being Caught Unaware

•Risk Triangle & Safety Tips

•Techniques For Defence

•Pre-emptive Strikes

•Release From Grabs/Chokes

•Escapes From The Ground

•Areas Of Attack/Vital Points

•The Law And Self Defence

How Do I Arrange A Course?

Course dates are arranged as numbers dictate. Please email us for details of the next course date. Please contact us if you wish to participate as spaces are limited. Previous students of the courses are welcome to attend for refreshers, as the more you practice, the more proficient you will become

self defence classes in dartford

Please call 07956 000 173 for more details, click ‘this link’ or email